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Australian Minister tries to explain reasons behind holding of doctor

For the past several days, the Australian Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews has been facing a torrid time in relation to the holding of Indian-born doctor Dr. Mohamed Haneef for investigation related to the attempted terrorist attacks in Britain. He has been accused of stubbornness, unwillingness to admit a mistake, and willfully holding a person on […]

Iraqi football team wins the Asian football Cup

Imagine a team in Iraq comprising of members from all 3 main sections, Shia, Sunni and the Kurds. Sounds difficult to achieve in the kind of sectarian conflicts ongoing in Iraq today, with death squads, bombings, and so on; but was possible. An Iraqi football team, in a keenly contested final in Indonesia won the […]

Fatah drops policy of ‘armed resistance’ to Israel

Another outcome of the infighting between Hamas and Fatah whereby the Fatah movement was kicked out of Gaza due to a combination of superior fighting power of the Hamas armed groups and the weakness of Fatah. In order to make the Fatah based Palestinian Government now controlling only the West Bank as more palatable to […]

White House uses secrecy to defend attorney general

This is a very interesting response. The White House claims that attorney general Alberto Gonzales, recovering from a testimony that was essentially shown to be untrue after the testimony by FBI Director Mueller, was bound by secrecy laws and hence he should have been believed. One can easily speculate as to how much this particular […]