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Australian Government ends up with egg on its face

The fight over who is a terrorist or not is a serious issue. In the current situation, if you catch suspects, and if they are Muslims involved in suspicious activities, thoughts will always move to whether the person is guilty or not. And that is the crux of the matter. Either people are caught in the process of patching the plot with clear proof, or they are caught while actually executing the attack. In such cases, there is no issue with respect to proof. The problem comes when a suspect is caught, and a Government has already determined that the person is a terrorist, and they treat him as such. Throw in politicians eager to scope points with the electorate, and you get into problems such as these:

Indian doctor Mohamed Haneef is out of jail and at a Brisbane residential address, but he still faces an anxious wait to discover if he will be deported. Dr Haneef was charged with providing support to terrorism on July 14 for handing over his mobile phone SIM card to his cousin Sabeel Ahmed, later allegedly linked to the terrorist attacks in UK.
In his bail application that day, prosecutors alleged the SIM card had been found in the wreckage of the flaming jeep, allegedly driven by Sabeel’s brother Kafeel, which crashed into Glasgow Airport on June 30. However, Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Damian Bugg admitted it was in fact found with Sabeel, hundreds of kilometres away in Liverpool.

This is a clear case of mismanagement. From the beginning, the Minister, the Prosecutor and the Police have all claimed that he was a terrorist, and took measures such as putting him in solitary confinement for 23 hours in a day. Public statements about his involvement, about his being a terrorist, and such seemed to portray his as an active plotter in the UK bomb plot, while he apparently had the misfortune to hand over a SIM card (with unused money from a phone plan) to a person who later turned out to be a plotter.
Now, to take a person into custody based on suspicion and circumstances is something that can happen, but with politicians jumping into the fray and pre-determining him to be a terrorist was just not done. Now, the next time that the Australian police catch a person based on suspicion, there will be a number of people who will be hesitant to take it seriously.
Politicians are already disassociating themselves from the case, with the Aussie Prime Minister claiming non-involvement with the case, and blaming the State Government, the Police and the Prosecution for this fiasco.

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