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Pakistan frees ‘al-Qaeda suspect’

In a move that has further shown the problems in terms of dealing with Pakistan as a state that can do the most against terrorists, and at the same time, being the state that is also the cause of many of the major terrorists scare, the Pakistani Government has released an Al-Qaeda computer expert after […]

Israel’s problem soldiers

Israel has one of the best armies in the Middle East, one of the best trained, and superbly successful. This is an army that has won all the wars that they have had with a number of their neighbours attacking together, starting from the war in 1948 to 1967 and then 1973. In most cases, […]

Russia makes a further move to flex its military might

Vladimir Putin has always seemed to dream of the good old days when Russia / Soviet Union was a powerful nation, held in fear for its military might and power. However, the days of perestroika and glasnost revealed that the Soviet Union was actually a nation held together by power and fear, and the collapse […]

Pakistani nuclear weapons and the US

Seems like a strange topic, given that Pakistan is an independent country, and well within its rights to have a transition in whatever way in the wake of President Musharraf departing his presidency in any manner, coup, assassination, or any other way. However, in the wake of the campaign to make the army more Islamic, […]