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Obama gets more criticism about his statement on Pakistan

Barack Obama’s campaign was about a breath of fresh air, about politics different from the usual. However, for a candidate in the Presidential election, it is difficult to remain above the others. First he faced issues about the criticism leveled at Hillary Clinton by a former Hollywood based supporter of the Clintons who had switched his support to Obama. When this was taken as a politics as usual policy, Obama did not come out of that smelling of roses. In another attempt, Obama’s campaign swiped at Hillary over the support that she gets from Indian-Americans, and Obama had to apologize for that (to avoid losing support among Indian-Americans). And now over the past few days, Obama has been facing heat over his foreign policy, and the thrust appears to be his inexperience at foreign policy. Hillary is widely believed to have won that round.

And now this. In a speech at the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars in Washington, D.C., Obama let loose. He claimed that he would decisively act against terrorists holed up in Pakistan’s wilderness even if the President of Pakistan, General Musharraf would not act.

In his speech at the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars in Washington, D.C., Obama said “if Pakistani leaders were to fail to take action against the known terrorists within their borders,” he would dispatch forces as president, removing troops from Iraq and put them on the right battlefield in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
His chief Democratic rival, Hillary Rodham Clinton, who leads by about 15 percent in national polls, blasted Obama as “irresponsible” for his speech Wednesday. Obama’s speech came a week after he was described as naive by Clinton, for saying he’d been willing to meet with “leaders of Cuba, Iran and North Korea without conditions.” A poll by The Wall Street Journal and NBC News said Clinton has widened her lead over Obama, going up to 43 percent in July from 39 percent in June. Obama tallied 22 percent, down from 25 percent in June.

In some respects, this was exactly the sort of operation that Obama would have accused Bush of doing. He would have ordered American intervention in a country irrespective of other factors, similar to what Obama is claiming as a future course of action. To invade a country, especially an area where the Pakistani military itself is not able to capture, and then expect a clean operation seems laughable. And the Pakistanis certainly will not remain quiet if something like this happens. This statement was a political statement, an attempt to appear macho, but was not very wise.

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