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NATO struggling against resurgent Taliban

In October 2001, when the US, a potent military force routed the Taleban in a straight military battle along with the Northern Alliance, and the heat was turned on Pakistan to withdraw support to the Taliban, the whole world could not have been wrong in predicting the end of the Taliban and maybe some peace to the impoverished country. However, the US made a number of strategic mistakes, such as letting the top leadership of Al-Qaeda and the Taliban go in the battle of Tora Bora, focusing on Iraq to the detriment of reconstruction of Afghanistan, and then the criminal mistake in not pressurizing Pakistan on the accord signed with the Taleban in Waziristan that allowed the Taleban to regroup, build a base again and keep on fighting in Afghanistan. Now the situation is that the Taliban is resurgent in large sections of Afghanistan, fighting regular battled with the NATO forces, and pressurizing the reconstruction projects by kidnappings, killings, etc. In such a situation, NATO is happy with occasional successes:

Nato is reported to have killed at least two senior Taliban leaders in an airstrike north of Helmand as they were watching a public execution. The bombing took place in the northern district of Baghran on Thursday, a district entirely controlled by the Taliban. The Taliban’s commander for southern Afghanistan, Mansoor Dadullah, was among those targeted, according to unconfirmed reports.
Nato has systematically targeted the Taliban leadership with airstrikes for the past year and claims to have seriously depleted the Taliban’s command and control structure. According to figures collated by Western diplomats in Kabul, around 45 middle and high level Taliban commanders in Helmand have been killed to date.

These are good to hear, but the fact remains that the Taleban was completely routed 6 years back, but has now relentlessly taken back districts. The fact that the district was totally under the control of the Taleban is a pointer to that effect. It is also very strange, given that the Taleban’s shelter was what led to Al-Qaeda being able to plan the 2001 WTC attacks. If this situation is not reversed, as already reported, the Taleban is going to become as strong again as before.

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