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Attack in Israel wounds 25 soldiers

Israel has suffered for long due to the number of crude rockets fired from Gaza. A city that suffers the most is Sderot, a city only 1 km from Gaza and well within the range of these rockets. In another of these rocket attacks, the Israeli army has now suffered serious damage, with a rocket […]

What treatment will Nawaz Sharif now get in Saudi Arabia ?

You got to say this for General Musharraf; sometimes he actually does carry out the steps that he says that he will take. A perfect example is the treatment meted out to Nawaz Sharif when he reached Pakistan. Musharraf and the regime threatened that he will be arrested and deported, and that is exactly what […]

Nawaz Sharif kicked out of Pakistan again

Nawaz Sharif was the Prime Minister in 1999 when he attempted to prevent the plane carrying the Army Chief, General Musharraf, from landing in Pakistan. Getting wind of this, the army carried out a coup, removed Nawaz Sharif and installed General Musharraf in power. At that time, many sections of the country welcomed this move, […]

Scientology faces charges in Belgium

Scientology, the movement and Church created by the late Ron Hubbard is a very high-profile organization. It has some very popular actors such as Tom Cruise and John Travolta as followers, and is also popular among the rich and famous. It has also been very controversial, with a damning article written in Time magazine as […]