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What treatment will Nawaz Sharif now get in Saudi Arabia ?

You got to say this for General Musharraf; sometimes he actually does carry out the steps that he says that he will take. A perfect example is the treatment meted out to Nawaz Sharif when he reached Pakistan. Musharraf and the regime threatened that he will be arrested and deported, and that is exactly what happened. And to make the humiliation complete, the 2 time former Prime Minister of Pakistan was treated as a common criminal in many instances. Refer this article (Sharif humiliated before deportation):

The four-hour stay of former Pakistani premier Nawaz Sharif on home soil was a saga of humiliation during which low-ranking police personnel repeatedly shoved and jeered at him, according to a Pakistani journalist, who travelled with the PML-N leader from London. Sharif, who had arrived very confident was soon depressed and bewildered at the shabby treatment accorded to him and virtually broke down at one point.
Sharif was treated with total contempt at the Islamabad airport when low-ranking police officers were sent to talk to him. A visibly depressed and unaided Nawaz was aggressively pushed inside an old bus parked outside the VIP Rawal Lounge and shifted to the plane and sent into exile. As the bus headed towards the PIA plane, about 100 commandos also started running after the bus laughing and cracking jokes, and returned only when the plane had taken off.

Not something that would gladden the heart of any supported of the Sharif faction of the Pakistani Muslim League. Of course, as news of this treatment spreads, it could create problems for Gen Musharraf with more public resentment.
However, the Saudi royal family now believes that Nawaz Sharif broke an agreement that he had made with Musharraf (with the Saudi’s being one part of the deal). The deal was that Nawaz Sharif would stay away from Pakistan until he had completed 10 years in exile, something that he obviously has not completed (7 years is the count). And from all public accounts, it seems that the Saudi royals had actually tried to convince Nawaz to stick to the deal, and he refused to listen to them.

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif received a “cold” reception from the Saudi government when he reached Jeddah and has apparently been barred from taking part in any political activity for the remaining period of his exile. It now appears that Sharif might have to spend next three years in Jeddah where he may be held incommunicado, the reports said. Saudi King Abdullah was livid with Sharif for his move to go Pakistan flouting the deal and strong requests from Saudi government, they said.
Till 2006, the Sharifs virtually enjoyed royal status in Saudi Arabia and he was even allowed to meet opposition leaders from Pakistan like PPP chief Benazir Bhutto and Maulana Fazlur Rehman and Qazi Hussain Ahmad of MMA even though the deal barred him from carrying on any political activity. All that could be a thing of past from now on. Saudi royals were so angry with Sharif that the King in a letter expressed surprise over Sharif’s defiance saying that no Muslim would violate his word or agreement, the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Q chief Shujaat Hussain told Geo TV.

Well, if these are true, it looks like Nawaz Sharif took a gamble, and appears to have initially lost, but may have actually won. He is currently right back where he started, but in the meantime he has made sure that his determination to come back to Pakistan when the regime was actually threatening him is now the source of a great deal of public resentment against Musharraf. He has also ensured that Benazir Bhutto will not be able to grab all the attention. If General Musharraf faces much more heat, Nawaz will benefit; but if Gen Musharraf can ride this out, then Nawaz Sharif is in a deep political sleep for atleast 3 years more.

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