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More recalls of China made toys

China has suffered massively in terms of a loss of confidence and an almost sure public relations disaster; and by now, you would all be knowing what I am talking about – the frequent recall of toys and other goods made in China due to lead contamination, or other similar safety problems. Mattel Inc, a leading toy maker, has had multiple blows in terms of recall of many of its popular products, and this also has had a grievous impact on the revenues of the company. The greatest impact however has been on the mind of the anxious parent who is no longer sure which is the next toy being used by their kid which will turn out to be unsafe.
Well, here’s another series of recalls:

Hours before trick-or-treaters began going door to door, the government warned consumers Wednesday that fake Halloween teeth sold by the tens of thousands since last year contain excessive amounts of lead. The agency estimates that since January 2006, retailers have sold 43,000 eight-piece packages of the party favors.
Also Wednesday, Toys “R” Us recalled about 16,000 Chinese-made Elite Operations toys because of lead contamination, the commission said. The recall included four Elite Operations toy sets: the Command Patrol Center, the Barracuda Helicopter, the Super Rigs set and a three-pack of 8-inch figures. No other Elite Operations toys are included in the recall. The toys were sold at Toys “R” Us stores and on between July and October.
The commission also announced recalls of 380,000 Galaxy Warriors figurines and 1,500 SimplyFun Ribbit board games, both for lead-contaminated surface paints. The figurines were manufactured in China and distributed by Henry Gordy International. The board games were manufactured in China and imported and distributed by SimplyFun.

This is very scary; there is bound to be an overall suspicion about the quality of toys made in China, and the level of quality control. China has not helped matters by sometimes reacting angrily about the media focus on these recalls; such anger has no effect on the media, and does not improve the image in any way.

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