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Pakistan finally overcomes Musharraf

Who would have thought that such a day would come when Pakistan would consider the former, all-powerful army head, Musharraf as a has-been; well, this is precisely what seems to have happened. The long-awaited Pakistani General elections have come and gone, and brought about an upheaval in Pakistani society. The elections caused the total failure […]

Fidel Castro goes

A thorn in the US flesh for so long, it is unlikely that Fidel Castro’s going will make any major difference to the relationship between the United States and Cuba. There was a time when it was believed that if Fidel could just go (whether resigns, or assassinated by a CIA supported plot), then Cuba […]

Decision day for the US presidential hopefuls

Truly, politics is a game of the unpredictable. Just a few months back, no one would have thought that anybody could shake Hillary Clinton from atop the Democratic line-up, and as for the Republicans, Rudy Giuliani seemed to be some extent the shoo-in (notwithstanding his multiple marriages, his support for abortion, and a few other […]