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Pakistani parties still not in agreement over re-instating justices

When the 2 principal parties of Pakistan, led by Bhutto’s widower Asif Zardari, and the other led by previous exiled Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif got a sizable portion of the seats in Pakistan’s long-delayed elections, the days of Pakistan’s military dictator and President Pervez Musharraf seemed doomed. After all, he had to give up […]

Hamas contradicts Carter, will not accept Israel

This has got to be the shortest peace effort in years. Former President Jimmy Carter, who has been preaching peace and settlement for the past few years, probably took on his toughest effort; getting Hamas to say we do ‘recognize Israel’. So it was good to hear him come out and say triumphantly that Hamas […]

Bush’s plan for global warming evokes derision

The science of global warming has never been 100% certain because the weather pattern of the earth is incredibly complex, but we are finally starting to see some of the bad effects of global warming in terms of melting of glaciers, loss of polar ice, and so on. It would be a bit naive to […]

Pakistani border areas more dangerous than ever

The more things change, the more they remain the same. In the 1990’s, the Pakistani creation of the Taliban and promotion of terror by the ISI led to the border areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan becoming a hot area for the growth of terrorism and their training camps. Since then, so many things have happened […]