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Hamas contradicts Carter, will not accept Israel

This has got to be the shortest peace effort in years. Former President Jimmy Carter, who has been preaching peace and settlement for the past few years, probably took on his toughest effort; getting Hamas to say we do ‘recognize Israel’. So it was good to hear him come out and say triumphantly that Hamas seemed to be responsible people with a clarity about what they want, and they have agreed to recognize Israel. However, even before the flowers could stop raining down, the military (and most powerful) Syria based leader of Hamas, Khalid Meshaal, recanted all these terms and laid down the usual demands that Israel and the United States will not accept:

WASHINGTON, April 22 (UPI) — U.S. State Department officials disputed comments made by former U.S. President Jimmy Carter about Hamas’ views about Israel and peace. Hamas leaders, meanwhile, said they could accept a Palestinian state, but contradicted Carter’s statements about accepting Israel’s right to exist if approved by the Palestinian people, The Washington Times reported Tuesday.

“We accept a state on the (1967) line with Jerusalem as capital, real sovereignty and full right of return for refugees but without recognizing Israel,” al-Jazeera quoted Hamas leader Khalid Meshaal, who met with Carter, as saying.

And of course, no party in Israel will ever accept any of these terms. Israel has always disputed that Jerusalem will be the basis of a Palestinian state (a part maybe, but will never give up Jerusalem), Israel will never accept the full right of the refugees to return (that would be a demographic disaster that Israel would consider as a threat to its concept of majority Jewish rule; and Israel will never accept a negotiating partner who does not accept the right of Israel to exist.
The first 2 points can have multiple view points, but no person should accept a terrorist organization that has committed all sorts of atrocities, that teaches children how to hold weapons, and that refuses to accept the right of Israel to exist.

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