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Clinton proposes oil tax waiver, Obama does not

For 2 candidates who represent almost the same wing of the Democratic Party, 2 candidates who have almost always voted for the same bills in the Senate, one can expect that the positions of the 2 candidates on almost all matters would be the same (and it has almost been the same – the difference is more about the style and whether Obama is a new wave as opposed to Clinton who represents more of the same). However, politics and the pressure of remaining behind Obama on the delegates count is forcing Hillary to get more desperate and adopt stands that are illogical such as the push to temporarily have a gas tax holiday:

Clinton shot first, using Obama’s opposition to her gas tax holiday plan as a vehicle to smack him for doing nothing to help Americans hammered by soaring prices. “What has happened to Barack Obama?” the Clinton spot asks. “He is attacking Hillary’s plan to give you a break on gas prices because he doesn’t have one.”
“More of the same, old negative politics,” his ad rips. “Her attacks do nothing but harm. … We need honest answers. And a President we can trust.” In Merrillville, Ind., Clinton insisted her summer-long tax gift was a way to help people now, while she pursues a long-range energy plan – a plan she broadened to include an all-out attack on oil-producing countries.

This proposal by Hillary is more of a political stunt. The amount of money that would be available to an average family as saving would be negligible, and the message that all Americans should try to reduce their gas usage will be totally lost. America needs to reduce its gas usage and dependence on foreign oil rather than tell citizens that they can continue with their same massive oil consumption and patronage of gas-guzzler vehicles. Obama has the far more principled policy in this regard.

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