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Hillary should go now ..

Hillary Clinton gave it all she could, but she was just unable to stand against the fresh wave that was manifested in the form of a newbie Senator, Barack Obama. One considers that Hillary would have made a better President (in spite of her moving to pure populism over the fuel tax removal issue); she has made her position known on the different areas that affect the US, and her positions are mostly thought through positions on issues that are impossible to solve easily. But she has tried to avoid grand-standing, and one needs to give her that. Now Obama, he seems like a person who could bring society together (does anybody really believe that polarised Democrats and Republicans will come together even for a person holier than Obama ?), somebody who addresses the belief of so many educated and young Americans that they need a person who is not tainted with the politics as usual. And so, the people with Hillary keep on leaving her as they see her as a sinking ship:

Veteran Democratic Party figure George McGovern dropped his support for Hillary Clinton on Wednesday and endorsed Barack Obama, saying the Illinois senator seemed certain to win the party’s nomination for the November presidential election. McGovern, 85, said he told Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, of his surprise decision in a telephone call, and that Clinton made no attempt to change his mind.
With Obama within 200 delegates of wrapping up the nomination, said, “All the mathematics seem to be on his side.” “Barack Obama has waged a very effective campaign. He’s an unusually capable and talented man. I didn’t frankly know him when I endorsed Hillary last October,” he said.

This will continue as time progresses; it is almost mathematically impossible for Hillary to catch up in the elected delegates number, and when the super-delegates who are either on Clinton’s side or uncommitted ones eventually see the time to vote, an increasing number will get swayed by the push from the Obama side to respect the popular elected delegate mandate. This is an election that Hillary Clinton has lost; what she needs to do is to maybe work out how she can stay in the race and become a Vice-President.

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