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Zimbabwe’s oppostion leader returns home

Zimbabwe was probably one of the last countries in Africa to become independent, the event happening as late as in 1980. The leader who was the best symbol of its fight for independence, Robert Mugabe stood tall and became its President. There was a lot of hope for the leader to lead his country to a great new future, with all the enthusiasm of a country that is now free, but over the years, it became clear that the reality of absolute power corrupted Mugabe and led him to became dictatorial. Over the last few years, the leader in his old age (84 years), has taken his country to a point where it is now the basket case of Africa (and that says a lot).
Mugabe, instead of actually having a land redistribution policy that works, has gone in for the populist stand, inciting his young supporters to indulge in forcible land redistribution that is totally illegal and has incited tension across the country; in addition, Mugabe has gone in for a total policy of confrontation against the international community that is not winning him any friend. Inflation is stratospheric; thankfully, there was always the hope that the elections will lead to the dethronement of Robert Mugabe and the election of a new leader (the opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai) who will bring some hope to the battered country.

However, even this has caused problems, since the election results have been badly disputed and the whole elections have become very controversial. The opposition claims that they won the election and that Mugabe’s Government has refused to accept this result and will do what it can to thwart the overall results:

Zimbabwe’s opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, has returned home to Zimbabwe in preparation for a run-off election due on 27 June. During recent weeks Mr Tsvangirai has been jetting around Africa and beyond, drumming up support. But back in Zimbabwe he has been criticised from some quarters for abandoning his supporters in their hour of need.
As the run off election approaches, the playing field is far from level and there are plenty of people keen to cling on to their positions in Zimbabwe at all costs. So levering Mr Mugabe out of office will still be a mountainous task.
Key to Mr Tsvangirai’s future is backing from African leaders especially amongst the regional grouping, Sadc, from whom Mr Mugabe has traditionally received strong support. But that support is eroding as Zimbabwe’s economic and political crisis deepens.

No one claims that the opposition leader is the panacea to all the ills that currently beset Zimbabwe, but there is still a hope that he will be better than Robert Mugabe, but that is only if Mugabe takes his exit gracefully and does not try to cling on through all efforts.

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