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Naomi Campbell pleads guilty in Heathrow case

Naomi Campbell has been in the news pretty much regularly in the past for reasons other than her modeling; she has been portrayed as having a violent temper and has had to take part in many court cases brought on by former associates, employees, and others after Naomi lost control of her temper and threw things at them, or similar actions. She was in the news very recently for a similar incident at Heathrow Airport on 3 April where the media reported that she threw a tantrum after having lost an important bag during the luggage teething problems in Heathrow; and as a part of this tantrum, she shouted at the crew, and then actually kicked the police officers who had been called and spat at them.
There was a lot of media coverage of this incident, and the reports were pretty much clear that Naomi was in the wrong, and now she has finally admitted in court in Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court in England that she was indeed guilty. Seemingly guilty of the act of assaulting a constable, she may get off relatively lightly. After all, hitting policemen is never a recommended action, and in many countries, this could get you in severe trouble. In Britain however, it carries a maximum sentence of 6 months in jail and a maximum fine of Pounds 5,000 (no problem for Naomi in paying this):

“Having heard that Miss Campbell had been affected by the baggage difficulties, he [Captain Sutherland] took the unusual decision to come and speak with her and explain the situation and make his apologies.” The court was told Ms Campbell became upset and demanded to know where her bag was. Ms Campbell swore at the captain and said she wanted him to get off the plane and get her bag.
The court heard BA staff asked Ms Campbell to leave the plane but she continued to shout and swear and talk into her mobile phone, so the police were called. The prosecution said Ms Campbell kicked one of the officers in the thigh. She kicked another officer in the shin, wedged herself in her seat and spat at the officers, the court was told.

Now, a lot of people were affected by the luggage problem, but why does a celebrity feel that the celebrity can show outrageous behavior and get away ? If more people do this, this would have caused serious problems overall. She should be handed a sentence, and adding community service to any sentence would be just.

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