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Zimbabwe heads for more problems

The problem in Zimbabwe seems to be getting more pronounced. Ever since the elections, there has a state of acute tension in the country; initial reports seemed to indicate that the disastrous reign of the President, Robert Mugabe would be over. However, it seemed to be clear that after initial disarray, Mugabe and his party had decided that they will win no matter what. Hence, started the use of the state and legal (along with the violent and non-legal) methods to put extreme pressure. Opponents were attacked, and threatened with arrest. Leading opposition politicians had cases filed against them, including those of treason. Finally, the opposition has taken the expected measure – it has withdrawn from the run-off:

Zimbabwe’s opposition party on Tuesday formally withdrew its presidential candidate, Morgan Tsvangirai, from Friday’s run-off, a spokesman told CNN. The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) hand-delivered a letter signed by Tsvangirai to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, saying it will not participate in the runoff with President Robert Mugabe, spokesman Nelson Chamisa said.

Speaking to CNN on Tuesday, he said “This is total war and we cannot be part of that war. “This is not an election because the conditions are just horrendous.” He added, “I’ve been arrested, I’ve been brutalized — this is not exaggeration. This is reality here.” Tsvangirai announced Sunday that he was dropping out of the runoff, citing what he called an ongoing campaign of political harassment, intimidation and arrests by Mugabe’s government and the ruling Zanu-PF party.

This decision will just complicate things in Zimbabwe. Mugabe is now sure to win a runoff that is bound to come under incredible criticism from the international community (and mostly be deemed as invalid). Mugabe really does not care too much for the international community, but the country has really suffered in the past few years, and is likely to continue doing so.

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