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Pakistani Government forced to act against the militants

This seems like deja vu again and again. It is a well established fact that Pakistan has played with fire in the past, using US and Saudi money and support to built up an Islamic Army to fight against the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. Towards this end, the Pakistanis used religion as a tool, and this spread of religion is now causing havoc in Pakistan and the world. Pakistan saw the use of religion as a great tool, and this lead to Benazir Bhutto’s Government creating the Taleban as a movement to regain control of Afghanistan. This worked all too well, with a new breed of religious warriors seeing the world as their fighting ground, and leading to Afghanistan and Pakistan becoming the new breeding ground for Islam inspired fighters. After the 2001 US terror attacks, President Musharraf was told to remove support to the Taleban and Al-Qaeda, and reluctantly did so. However, the wish to keep such a tool handy led to the Pakistani Government trying to make a pact with these fighters (against the wishes of the US Government); during the duration of the pact, this provided an unhindered refugee for Taleban fighters and terrorists who would attack in Afghanistan and then regroup in Pakistan. Eventually, this pact came to and end when the fighters started taking the battle inside Pakistan, trying to control larger areas and set up Sharia rule.
Well, when the popular parties regained power, they blasted the approach taken by Musharraf and claimed that they will need to address the problem in a political manner. What was the result ? They struck a pact with the Pakistani Taleban and came up with an arrangement that the army will leave the terrorist and the terrorists in turn will not cause problems to the Government. The same pact as done by Musharraf, and with the same result. The terrorists are not amenable to reason, and took this pact as a sign that the Government is weak. When the terrorists took more steps to increase their control, the Pakistani Government was finally forced to act:

The Pakistani military has launched an offensive against militants near the main north-western city of Peshawar, security officials said. Militants have become more active in and around Peshawar in recent months, say correspondents. Pakistani militant leader Baitullah Mehsud said he was suspending peace talks with the government.
The government has been in talks with him in an effort to pacify the tribal areas. The militants the government is acting against are not part of the wider Taleban movement in Pakistan, but are still Islamists who wish to enforce their brand of Islam, says the BBC’s Haroon Rashid in Islamabad. When it took power two months ago, the government said it would negotiate with the tribes of the north-west to curb cross-border raids into Afghanistan and end the domestic militancy that caused havoc in Pakistan last year. But now the government has authorised the army to back the talks with a credible threat of force. The Afghan government and the coalition forces in Afghanistan have complained that Taleban militants are finding safe haven in Pakistan. Increasing activity from militants around Peshawar lately has prompted the military to act.

It is very difficult for the Pakistani Government to strike a peace deal with the militants; they are inspired by the urge to establish a state based on Islamic ideals; the last time such a state was established, it lead to a brutal reign under the Taleban in Afghanistan. Unless the Pakistani Government recognizes the need to take action, it will keep on losing control of the country.

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