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US Government pushes Pakistan on terrorism support

For some time now, it seems that the United States is getting frustrated with the progress that Pakistan has been making towards getting rid of the hotbed of terrorism right on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The current situation is that the area is a resource center for terrorists – they get support over there, including medication when they are recovering from wounds suffered in Afghanistan. Of critical importance to NATO is the fact that these terrorists are free to cross the border, attack Afghan and NATO troops in Afghanistan (and slowly increase the area that is under their control), and then come back to the border area where they are not pursued. This freedom has been steadily pushing up the casualty rates in Afghanistan, and has the Government and foreign military commanders pulling their hair out.
Now, for a long time, the United States has not been forcefully pushing Pakistan to take more concrete action, instead letting the Government have a free hand to decide their own policies. However, in a clear sign that this policy does not seem to have has the desired interests, Congressional politicians from the United States have been assailing this policy, but the US administration has not been doing so. However, this seems likely to change as we move ahead:

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Pakistan needs to do more to prevent Taliban militants from launching attacks into Afghanistan from its territory. “We understand that it’s difficult, we understand that the northwest frontier area is difficult, but militants cannot be allowed to organize there and to plan there and to engage across the border,” Rice said. “So yes, more needs to be done.” The strong message to Islamabad comes just a few days before Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani is scheduled to meet with U.S. President George W. Bush at the White House.
Pakistan has also strongly resisted suggestions that U.S. or other foreign troops should be allowed into the remote region to combat the militants. Gilani is seeking peace deals with militants through tribal elders in the northwestern regions of Pakistan.

It seems more apparent that the steadily increasing level of casualties in Afghanistan, especially among US servicemen has starting having an effect. The US Government is steadily increasing the pressure on the Pakistani Administration to take more action to reduce the support that the terrorists get in these tribal areas.

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