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The West’s dilemna over relations with Russia

This is a mighty strange situation for the West to be in. Ever since the Soviet Union broke up in 1991, there has been the feeling in the Western Countries that Russia could be a strategic partner, one that shares the democratic values of the West and will be an effective partner. Initially, things seemed […]

Zardari for President of Pakistan ?

This is a scenario that would have seemed impossible only one year ago, several things have happened in Pakistan that have changed the entire political arena over there. For the past several weeks, the 2 warring ruling parties of Zardari and Sharif have united on kicking Musharraf out from his less-important position of President. This […]

Musharraf’s impeachment – A done deal ?

There are a lot of contradictory signals that are emerging from Pakistan in the last few days with regard to the impeachment efforts against President Musharraf. While there are many reports to the effect that President Musharraf is willing to step down as long as he is given a honorable way out, and there cannot […]

Russia signs cease-fire accord in Georgia

The fight over Georgia has been seen as having 2 bigger objectives; 1. Russia wants to ensure that it is seen as the Big Brother of the neighborhood, and is willing to put force to ensure that this happens 2. Georgia has been seen as a region that was being projected as an alternative route […]