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China and its milk scandal

For the last many years, China has been the leading supplier of a large range of goods to the world. Unfortunately, for the last few years, China has also been facing the brunt of massive quality problems. Seafood, paint, toys, toothpaste, and many other products have been found to be contaminated in one way or the other. There have also been injuries and deaths due to these quality issues, with many different contaminants having been found. The latest one to emerge as a major scare is the problem about contamination of milk, causing milk from some of the largest producers being now evaluated:

Shop shelves in China and elsewhere are being cleared of popular dairy products after tests found contamination in regular milk as well as baby formula. Inspectors found that 10% of liquid milk from three of China’s dairies was tainted with melamine.
The scandal first came to light in milk powder that killed four infants and sickened more than 6,000 others. Suppliers are suspected of diluting milk to cut costs, then adding melamine to make it appear higher in protein. Melamine is an industrial chemical normally used in plastics, and is banned from food stuffs.

This is yet another problem over the quality levels of products made in China, and something that the Chinese Government would do well to repel with some fast action.

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