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North Korea again threatens to go nuclear

The North Koreans must be the one set of negotiators who have caused the Bush Administration the maximum problems. When the Bush Administration came to power 8 long years ago, they heavily criticized the deal that the Clinton administration made with the North Koreans where the North Koreans agreed to cap their nuclear activities in exchange for more facilities and guarantees of energy. When the Bush Administration came to power, they announced that the world has changed, states that stand against the US will not be treated lightly, and they will be the one that bring the North Koreans to heel. And then 9/11 happened; the Bush administration got rid of the Afghan Taleban and Saddam Hussein in Iraq, but North Korea still remains as unpredictable as ever.
As per North Korea, the current situation has arisen because the previous agreement where North Korea will be taken off the list of nations that support terrorism has not been followed, and hence it is reverting back to having an ongoing nuclear program:

North Korea has made another move toward possibly restarting its suspended nuclear program, the U.N. nuclear agency reports. At the reclusive nation’s request, the International Atomic Energy Agency has removed surveillance equipment and seals from the Yongbyon nuclear facility, agency spokeswoman Melissa Fleming said. The move clears the way for North Korea to reintroduce nuclear material to the facility. The North has told the IAEA that it will do that in a week or so.
Last week, a South Korean news agency reported that North Korea was restoring a reactor at Yongbyon nuclear complex and no longer wanted to be removed from a U.S. list of countries that sponsor terrorism. But a senior U.S. diplomat has said the announcement could simply be a bargaining ploy in the long-running negotiations. The U.S. had seen no indications North Korea was actually rebuilding its reactor, the diplomat said. North Korea had agreed to disable the Yongbyon nuclear complex by October in exchange for a pledge from the U.S. to lift some sanctions and remove North Korea from a list of countries that sponsor terrorism.

When dealing with the North Koreans, it sometimes seems that the Bush Administration is all at sea. In the midst of the attempts by the Bush Administration (and the 6 nation effort) to try to cap the North Korean nuclear efforts, the North Koreans blew a hole into this effort and tested a nuclear bomb, becoming a declared nuclear bomb. One can only wonder what the North Koreans will do next, especially when it is not clear who the current leadership of North Korea actually is.

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