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Cadbury recalls chocolates over China tainted milk scandal

The growing ‘melamine’ tainted milk scandal is taking on a more international hue. Earlier, projected to mostly impact only milk products made for babies in China, it is covering a whole lot of different products and countries. Categories such as powder, chocolates, candies, ice cream, etc are all getting affected, and recalls have been happening across the globe. Now, it seems that even a respected multi-national company such as Cadbury is getting affected, due to its products being manufactured in China:

British chocolate maker Cadbury on Monday became the latest foreign company to be hit by China’s tainted milk scandal, ordering a recall of its Chinese-made products after saying tests “cast doubt” on their safety. Two U.S. food makers were meanwhile investigating Indonesian claims that high traces of the industrial chemical melamine had been found in Chinese-made Oreos, M&Ms and Snickers, but stressed the same goods had tested negative in other Asian countries.

U.S. companies Kraft Foods Inc. and Mars Inc. said they would adhere to a recall order of Chinese-made Oreo wafers, M&Ms and Snickers in Indonesia, but said they wanted to conduct their own tests with outside experts. So far only a local agency has checked the products for melamine, but the levels found were considered very high.

Even now different companies are being strangely hesitant on taking actions that could impact their bottomline, after all, if these companies really cared for consumers, they would have carried out a voluntary inspection on their own and if their products carry melamine, withdraw them from the shelves. Instead, it seems that even though there is a high risk due to the milk products having been manufactured in China, the companies are hesitating in complying with Government orders to remove their products. They must be worried about the public perception if they carry out such a move, but it becomes far worse if they are seen to be dragging their feet in this respect.

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