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Tension in the McCain camp over Palin

More and more, it seems like John McCain did not do the right amount of thinking before selecting his vice-Presidential candidate. Sarah Palin has turned out to be an extremely polarizing figure, with a section of conservatives very enamored of her; a large section of the electorate however sees her a person who is certainly […]

Zimbabwe deal under tremendous strain

Zimbabwe has been under a tremendous political and economic whirlwind for the last several months. The country is a basket case economically, with all development indices down and inflation levels in the million percent level (the highest in the world). On the political front, the disputed last elections (which both the separate fronts claim and […]

Wachovia takes huge losses

When the bank, Wachovia Corp was tossed up in a competing battle between Citicorp and Wells Fargo (where Citicorp won the initial endorsement of the Federal Reserve for control of the troubled Wachovia and then Wells Fargo stepped in with a far better deal, better for Wachovia, better for US taxpayers and for the Federal […]

Sarah Palin’s new wardrobe and controversy

When John McCain selected the Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin as his vice-Presidential candidate, it was initially seen as a master-stroke. After all, for conservatives who were dubious of his credentials given his many maverick policies, it was the presentation of a person who was everything that a good conservative should be. Family oriented, anti-abortion, […]