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Chavez wins the right to keep on going in Venezuela

Hugo Chavez just keeps on going. He is the most important face of the anti-American resentment in South America, and has inspired many people to react against American policies. He allies with Iran and Cuba, both states that are an anathema to the US. Inside Venezuela, he is a strong figure, who inspires strong feelings […]

Space crash between US and Russian satellites

One always thinks of space as a large open area, with plenty of space in all directions. You combine this space with the concept of satellites being well regulated and following controlled orbits, and then it is difficult to believe that satellites under the control of such countries such as the United States and Russia […]

Global warming much higher than stated in the past

Last year, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) had warned that the rate of climate change was reaching epic proportions, and the effects were generally under-estimated. It had predicted that the rate of warming would increase and damage would be far more than thought. Well, a recent research indicated that the actual bad effects […]

The Pope’s problems grow .. Holocaust issues come back to haunt him

The German born pope, Pope Benedict XVI, was known to be different from the previous pope, John Paul II in that he was more disciplined, known to be more rigid in his beliefs, and pretty soon he had shown how he could stoke controversy. In one sermon, he declared words against Prophet Mohammed, the person […]