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Openbook vis-à-vis Facebook: The privacy issue

You are aware of facebook and I am sure many of you are using it. Yes, I am talking about the social networking website Facebook. But what about Openbook? Any why you should know it? Read on…..
Well, more often than not, users of Facebook post careless updates for their own small group of friends can now be read by anyone with the help of a new internet search engine. This new search engine named Openbook can scan all “public” updates left by members of the social networking site. Ultimately it makes the updates available to anyone through internet. The software has been created to highlight Facebook’s complex privacy settings. The Facebook privacy settings have been blamed for perplexing users into revealing personal information more than they intend while updating Facebook.
The content explored by Openbook is already in the public domain and can be viewed by all. This will certainly land the social networkers in a uncomfortable situation. It was only in last month that Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg announced simplification of Facebook privacy settings. This was in relation to mounting complaints that users were being duped into sharing private information.
The new website, Openbook is the idea of three website developers from San Francisco: Will Moffat, Peter Burns and James Home. It offers internet users a search engine that allows them to search for updates on public Facebook profiles. Reports are just in that by typing a keyword they can now easily get access to tens of thousands of updates from the last few hours. I tried the infectious word “booze” in the search box of Openbook and got so many posts with Facebook photo of the user. I am sure, most of them have not dreamt of this while posting in the Facebook. Facebook’s has almost 500 million users. Most of are unaware that their profile is not only available to their intended small circle of friends, but to the whole internet community. Openbook has been created to highlight this issue. The Openbook privacy campaigners desire people to think twice before sharing any information. The story (and this may not be unique) of unnecessary status updates with unlucky consequences include: A girl who posted “bored” on her Facebook status while at work was later fired because of revelation of the incident.

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