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Is Mosque a Symbol of Jihad – the problem in New York ..

The United States has never been more divided on any issue in recent past that this issue. The issue that has brought up this situation is the building of a Mosque near the September 11 site. It is not exactly a mosque but a community building which will include a mosque, sports facilities, theater, restaurant and possibly a day care, and would be open to all visitors. The community center will be called Cordoba House and will approximately cost USD 100 million. The site on which the proposed community center is currently occupied by the 152 year old Burlington building and was also struck by a piece of one of the hijacked planes. The building has been used in a variety of ways from manufacturing to retail stores and currently serves as a makeshift Muslim prayer center.
Even US president Barrack Obama who initially backed the plan of building a Muslim community center had to change his stance. Later Obama changed his loyalties by saying that he would not like to comment on the wisdom of making the decision to put a mosque there. A New York community board already gave a green signal for the construction of the building in May. In a desperate attempt to stop this building a request had been raised to the New York Landmarks Preservation Commission to grant landmark status to the building currently on site. The request was later discarded by a rather unanimous decision. The opponents of the building raise question about the source of the funding of the project and also about the connections of the father of the main proponent of the mosque Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf with radical group Muslim Brotherhood. Some people say that it would be humiliating that you build a shrine to the very ideology that inspired attacks on 9/11. People are also of the view that even if the building is built it will be a permanent sore point and a lighting rod for anti-Muslim feelings. Socially liberal Muslims are even urging Imam Feisal to abandon the project.

Now, the big question is: Is building a Mosque near ground Zero in any way going to support the 9/11 attacks? The answer is a candid NO. Muslims have a right to practice their religion as anyone else in the US. That includes a right to build a place of worship and a community center on a private property in lower Manhattan. Imam Feisal’s might have had dubious relations with Muslim radical groups but the general opinion about him is that of a progressive leader. Why not put it this way. Let this building be a message to the entire world that US has a big heart and it does not hold all the Muslims of the world responsible for 9/11. 9/11 was a misdeed of a few radical Muslims and every Muslim can’t be humiliated because of that. Why not give a message to the world that US can forgive wrong doers and can very well distinguish between the wrong doers and people who have no connection with the attacks after all A Mosque is not a symbol of jihad!

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