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US proposes a huge amount of arms for Saudi Arabia, to counteract the growing power of Iran

The United States is proposing a huge sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia. This is a sale that is worth around $60 billion, and primarily comprises of new F-15 fighter aircraft, military helicopters (both attack and troop transport helicopters). These are meant to increase the firepower of the Saudi Arabian forces, and also replace the older fighters in the Saudi arsenal. Saudi Arabia remains a strategic ally of the United States in the region, and given the problems both these countries have with Iran, this sale is meant to also convey a message to Iran. There is a long standing confrontation between Iran and Saudi Arabia (and several other Gulf states that are on the side of the Saudis). Iran is a leader of the Shias, while almost every country in the region is ruled by Sunnis. Further, Iran is ruled by a theocracy, while other countries are ruled by monarchies, or by a chosen few; and none of them would like to see an increase in the influence of the militant Islam in their countries (which will threaten the current rulers).
The strategy seemingly being followed by the United States along with the Gulf countries is to increase the military might of each of these countries, both in terms of offense and defense (with increased counter-missile technologies). This is meant to convey to Iran that even though it would gain some strategic increase through its nuclear program, it will have to face more powerful military neighbors, all of which are tied together with the United States, and even more surprisingly, with Israel. In the face of a common enemy such as Iran, even Israel and the Gulf states such as Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait will make common cause.
The deal is currently making its way through the United States Congress, but there is very little chance that the deal will get stopped; the strategic imperative in such cases is very high and the push to make this deal through all approvals is very high. One can expect that in some time, these arms will start to make their way into the Saudi Arabian arsenal.

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