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US Congress rejects the bailout plan; stocks dive

Ever since the sub-prime crisis came to the fore November- December of 2008, there has been a lot of worries about where this will eventually take the US economy. And this looks like a slow-action horror movie whose climax is coming. So, there was the shock when Bear Stearns went down, and then for some […]

Banks in US in serious problem

Things have been happening in the US finance sector that have not happened before for a long time. The US Federal Government is proposing that it is the essential guarantor of most mega-finance companies; only allowing some of them such as Lehman Brothers to fail. The US Government has so far saved or intervened in […]

US says, you can use anti-terrorist aid for improving planes

For the last several years, there has been an ongoing political discussion about whether the United States is following the correct policies with regard to getting rid of terrorism emanating from the region of Pakistan and Afghanistan, rated by many as the most likely place to generate the next big terrorist attack in the Western […]

Formal investigation by the Justice Department into the actions of Gonzales

Former attorney-general, Alberto Gonzales was under fire for a number of his statement and actions when he was acting as the Chief Legal Officer of the US. He was the one who authorized a specific movement of the Government towards the legality of torture for getting information, much greater ease of wire-tapping and spying on […]