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The tainted food scandal in China worsens

For many weeks now, China has been facing a huge bad press in terms of tainted milk. For quite some time now, many manufacturers in China have been trying to make additional profit by adding melamine to milk (with the same milk being used as baby milk, and as part of milk products such as […]

Cadbury recalls chocolates over China tainted milk scandal

The growing ‘melamine’ tainted milk scandal is taking on a more international hue. Earlier, projected to mostly impact only milk products made for babies in China, it is covering a whole lot of different products and countries. Categories such as powder, chocolates, candies, ice cream, etc are all getting affected, and recalls have been happening […]

China and its milk scandal

For the last many years, China has been the leading supplier of a large range of goods to the world. Unfortunately, for the last few years, China has also been facing the brunt of massive quality problems. Seafood, paint, toys, toothpaste, and many other products have been found to be contaminated in one way or […]

What treatment will Nawaz Sharif now get in Saudi Arabia ?

You got to say this for General Musharraf; sometimes he actually does carry out the steps that he says that he will take. A perfect example is the treatment meted out to Nawaz Sharif when he reached Pakistan. Musharraf and the regime threatened that he will be arrested and deported, and that is exactly what […]