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Thais protests ongoing

For some time now, Thailand has been seeing a division of the country along political lines. The rich and the entitled feel that the poor are voting adversely, supporting a populist former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. They detest his policies, and were sore that he was voted in as the leading vote-getter, and his party […]

Zimbabwe reaches a power sharing agreement

Zimbabwe has been going through massive political turmoil for many months now, with news of electoral rigging and malpractices, use of force, killings, and an eventual decision by the opponent to withdraw from a disputed run-off. However, after many negotiations led by the South African President, it seems that an agreement will be reached in […]

Musharraf’s impeachment – A done deal ?

There are a lot of contradictory signals that are emerging from Pakistan in the last few days with regard to the impeachment efforts against President Musharraf. While there are many reports to the effect that President Musharraf is willing to step down as long as he is given a honorable way out, and there cannot […]

Zimbabwe heads for more problems

The problem in Zimbabwe seems to be getting more pronounced. Ever since the elections, there has a state of acute tension in the country; initial reports seemed to indicate that the disastrous reign of the President, Robert Mugabe would be over. However, it seemed to be clear that after initial disarray, Mugabe and his party […]