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Why the Taliban seems to be rolling through the countryside

It has always puzzled a large number of people as to why the Taliban seem to be generating a lot of support in the Pakistani countryside. After all, a group that believes in a harsh interpretation of Islamic jurisprudence and acts to implement their beliefs should not be succeeding at this rate. Even in a […]

Libya pays final compensation for terror

For a long time, Libya has remained on the edge of the global community because of its open support for terrorism. Libya was an open and acknowledged supporter of international terrorist groups (and earned a direct attack from the United States way back in 1986 for a bombing carried out by Libyan supported groups in […]

Katrina, New Orleans and the Army Corps of Engineers

In a scathing criticism of the Army Corps of Engineers, and generically of the way that the various Government institutions such as Congress and Senators representing the state of Louisiana operate, TIME has published an article talking about investigating why the flooding of New Orleans happened after hurricane Katrina, and the prime reason seems to […]

NATO struggling against resurgent Taliban

In October 2001, when the US, a potent military force routed the Taleban in a straight military battle along with the Northern Alliance, and the heat was turned on Pakistan to withdraw support to the Taliban, the whole world could not have been wrong in predicting the end of the Taliban and maybe some peace […]