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The British cancer free baby

For ages, doubters and doomsday experts have been warning about the need for controls and ethical balances on scientific research; one of the items they have been warning about is the concept of ‘designer babies’ where a person can specifically decide what are the properties they want in their babies. This is balanced with the […]

Oceans turning acidic more quickly than expected

The oceans of the world hold a huge amount of life, and are seen as the life giver to the world. The oceans trap many greenhouse gases, provide food to vast communities, are a critical part of the world climate. However, the increasing emissions of greenhouse gases (especially Carbon Dioxide) have been seen as a […]

Citibank bailed out by the US Government

This was something that would have been deemed impossible even a few months back. A Government and system that believes in the free market philosophy, bailing out a massive bank with tax-payer money; that too when the President is from the Republican Party ? This just goes to show that ideology and dogma don’t stand […]

Wachovia takes huge losses

When the bank, Wachovia Corp was tossed up in a competing battle between Citicorp and Wells Fargo (where Citicorp won the initial endorsement of the Federal Reserve for control of the troubled Wachovia and then Wells Fargo stepped in with a far better deal, better for Wachovia, better for US taxpayers and for the Federal […]