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No more using of the term enemy combatants

The Bush Administration, in its fight against global terrorism, had taken on the mantle of expanded powers, using its own legal team to claim mighty powers; these powers started getting challenged after some time through public discussion and legal means. However, the American constitution is not pretty clear on many of these areas (given that […]

US Court grants more rights to Guantanamo detainees

Immediately after the WTC attack, there was wide-spread support for the actions of the United States administration; this involved supporting the actions of the United States in getting rid of the Taliban in Afghanistan and of taking prisoners from the Al-Qaeda and Taleban attackers over there and interrogating them. However, in a matter of time, […]

China up to its regular repression – this time in Tibet

It is being reported that China is currently upto its usual practice of repression. Nobody can really forget the Tienanmen Square massacre of 1989 where China employed its soldiers and military machine to murder thousands of its own young citizens in cold blood. After that, China employed the same tactics against the practitioners of the […]