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Hillary Clinton announces support for Obama

The saga of the Democratic primary contest for the Presidential election of 2008 now passes into history, but it will be something that will be remembered for a long time. People still remember the 1968 Democratic convention, and it even finds a mention in novels and books on varying topics. Similarly, this contest will be […]

Hillary should go now ..

Hillary Clinton gave it all she could, but she was just unable to stand against the fresh wave that was manifested in the form of a newbie Senator, Barack Obama. One considers that Hillary would have made a better President (in spite of her moving to pure populism over the fuel tax removal issue); she […]

Clinton proposes oil tax waiver, Obama does not

For 2 candidates who represent almost the same wing of the Democratic Party, 2 candidates who have almost always voted for the same bills in the Senate, one can expect that the positions of the 2 candidates on almost all matters would be the same (and it has almost been the same – the difference […]

Obama gets more criticism about his statement on Pakistan

Barack Obama’s campaign was about a breath of fresh air, about politics different from the usual. However, for a candidate in the Presidential election, it is difficult to remain above the others. First he faced issues about the criticism leveled at Hillary Clinton by a former Hollywood based supporter of the Clintons who had switched […]