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Girl forced to choose between parents and country

In a reflection of how law does not take into account human factors, or emotions, a teenage girl was placed in the horrendous position of having to choose between the country where she was born, and her parents (whom she may not be able to physically meet for 5 more years). In a case in […]

Horrible crime: 3 teenage girls + 2 other women buried alive for honor

There are some things that the free world takes so much for granted, that when you read about incidents such as the one that I am going to describe below, something cold and clammy catches you. Unfortunately, the incident below is related to the concept of ‘honor’ killing, and is seen as acceptable (or at […]

More gun freedom in the US

The Second Amendment of the US Constitution is probably one of the most contentious issues in the US polity. The Amendment covers the right of American citizens to bear arms, and reads thus, “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear […]

Zimbabwe heads for more problems

The problem in Zimbabwe seems to be getting more pronounced. Ever since the elections, there has a state of acute tension in the country; initial reports seemed to indicate that the disastrous reign of the President, Robert Mugabe would be over. However, it seemed to be clear that after initial disarray, Mugabe and his party […]