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Pakistani authorities take action against LeT

After the devastating attacks in Mumbai late November 2008, the pressure on Pakistan escalated tremendously. For the last 2 decades, Pakistan has been using the policy of sponsoring terrorists (not only Pakistan, since after the Russian invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, Pakistan along with the US and Saudi Arabia armed people to fight against the […]

US gets more active against Pakistan based Taleban

For quite some time now, the United States has come to the realization that Pakistan is not going to take decisive steps to root out the fast strengthening elements of the Taleban and Al-Qaeda in the border regions of Pakistan. These elements get the space in these border regions to regroup from clashes with the […]

The US, Pakistan, and the ISI

For some time now, the United States led international force in Afghanistan has been the target of a sustained insurrection by the Taleban, no doubt aided by the Al-Qaeda network (right now, it is hard to separate the 2; although the long term aims of the 2 are different). Now, the Taleban was supposedly a […]

Whither / Wither Pakistan ?

Pakistan is really facing strange days. After the tragedy of Benazir Bhutto’s assassination more than a month back, the country seems to going through some mighty strange days. For one, the President and former army chief, Gen. Musharraf is blamed by large sections of the country’s population for having a role in the assassination; if […]