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Life story of one of the Mumbai terrorists

The Mumbai terror attacks of 11/26 were a major shock for the world. Every nation fears the prospect of armed terrorists attacking civilians, and here were these 10 well armed terrorists who held the armed forces of a nation at bay for 3 days. How do you protect against terrorists who emerge from the night […]

Cadbury recalls chocolates over China tainted milk scandal

The growing ‘melamine’ tainted milk scandal is taking on a more international hue. Earlier, projected to mostly impact only milk products made for babies in China, it is covering a whole lot of different products and countries. Categories such as powder, chocolates, candies, ice cream, etc are all getting affected, and recalls have been happening […]

Horrible crime: 3 teenage girls + 2 other women buried alive for honor

There are some things that the free world takes so much for granted, that when you read about incidents such as the one that I am going to describe below, something cold and clammy catches you. Unfortunately, the incident below is related to the concept of ‘honor’ killing, and is seen as acceptable (or at […]

US troops had shot 3 innocent Iraqis and denied any wrong-doing

In a retraction, the US military in Iraq announced that 3 people shot in an incident in June (June 25th) were actually innocent, and it was an accidental shooting of the car by soldiers who stated that the occupants of the car in the high security zone of Baghdad Airport did not acknowledge calls for […]