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A day of horror in Iraq that seemed in the past

A couple of years ago, Iraq was beset with sectarian strife, with Sunnis and Shias attacking each other. Shia death squads (along with infiltration in the army and police) would kill Sunnis in the capital Baghdad, and in other areas under their control, and Sunni dominated groups such as Al-Qaeda in Iraq and other such […]

US troops withdraw from key Iraqi cities

Most people now recognize the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 to be a mistake, given that it had negative consequences in a variety of different areas (we’ll talk about that later). The invasion led to Iraq becoming a magnet for Islamic fighters from all over, unleashed the sectarian divisions that had been brutally suppressed […]

US troops had shot 3 innocent Iraqis and denied any wrong-doing

In a retraction, the US military in Iraq announced that 3 people shot in an incident in June (June 25th) were actually innocent, and it was an accidental shooting of the car by soldiers who stated that the occupants of the car in the high security zone of Baghdad Airport did not acknowledge calls for […]

Obama meets Karzai in Afghanistan

Now that he has sewn up the Democratic Presidential nomination, it is time for Obama to reduce the gap between himself and McCain over national security grasp and credentials. McCain is a former military man with a distinguished service record, and has served a 5 year prisoner of war imprisonment. He has been involved in […]