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Why the Taliban seems to be rolling through the countryside

It has always puzzled a large number of people as to why the Taliban seem to be generating a lot of support in the Pakistani countryside. After all, a group that believes in a harsh interpretation of Islamic jurisprudence and acts to implement their beliefs should not be succeeding at this rate. Even in a […]

The Gaza offensive likely to end ?

When the Israeli offensive against Hamas started 18 days back, the comparisons with the 2006 campaign against Hezbollah in Lebanon was the first thing that was raised. That campaign, even though caused huge amount of tactical damage to Hezbollah, was a strategic loss for Israel. Hezbollah got a reputation as a fighting force that was […]

Pakistan resisting US incursions ?

Looks like finally the United States has given up on Pakistani efforts to defeat the stronghold of the Taleban inside Pakistani territory, and is taking a more active interest in dealing with this matter by itself. The US has started operations inside the wilder non-governed regions of Pakistan, where fighters from Afghanistan would get shelter […]

Latest prisoner swap between Israel and Hezbollah

This is not the first prisoner swap that Israel has done. In the past Israel has done this sort of swap many times, even exchanging the live prisoners that it holds for the bodies of its dead soldiers. However, this time was more traumatic for Israel, since it involved sending back a man whom Israel […]