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Bush’s plan for global warming evokes derision

The science of global warming has never been 100% certain because the weather pattern of the earth is incredibly complex, but we are finally starting to see some of the bad effects of global warming in terms of melting of glaciers, loss of polar ice, and so on. It would be a bit naive to […]

Hu affirms that Tibet will continue to be suppressed

Seems like a very obvious statement to make, given how China has reacted in the past. Ever since China took over Tibet in 1951, it has been extremely touchy about any external reaction on Tibet, dismissing all reaction as being an interference with its internal affairs. A lot of it is due to how China’s […]

Australia reverses itself on Kyoto and Global warming

Australia had always shied away from ratifying the Kyoto Protocol on global warming, due to the non-inclusion of target setting on China and India. This was a position on which it had the prime support of the US Administration under George Bush (who at many points professed not to believe in global warming). It is […]

More recalls of China made toys

China has suffered massively in terms of a loss of confidence and an almost sure public relations disaster; and by now, you would all be knowing what I am talking about – the frequent recall of toys and other goods made in China due to lead contamination, or other similar safety problems. Mattel Inc, a […]