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Debate in the US over Muslims from Chinese Uighurs

The Guantanamo Bay prisoners and their detention is probably one of the most legally debated issues in the United States. Ever since the US action in Afghanistan in 2001, and the detention of terrorists and others from there, there has been a raging debate over their treatment. On the one hand there is the need […]

Texas appellate court decision on children to be appealed

In a decision that shocked the Texas State Government, an appellate court decision on the 22dn of May 2008 threw out the Government action in taking away children from their mothers in the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints case, whereby the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services had raided the […]

Nawaz Sharif pulls out of Pakistani coalition

President Musharraf must be smiling, nay, positively laughing. For all their political life, the parties of Nawaz Sharif (Pakistan Muslim Leadue -N) and the Pakistan People’s Party of Asif Ali Zardari have been political opponents. They came together just a few months ago when neither of them got a majority in the last elections, and […]

Pakistan reaches settlement on judges restoration

During the last crackdown by President Musharraf late last year, rattled by a judiciary that was seemingly not subservient enough to him, the dictator General had removed a number of judges of the Pakistani Supreme Court and moved them to house arrest. The authority under which this had been done ? Well, he was the […]