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Bush signs nuclear energy deal with India

In a landmark deal that broke many facets of the international nuclear embargo on NPT (Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty) non-signatory nations, the US has finally signed a nuclear deal with India. This has been among the most heated and debated agreements in recent times. Part of a mission to make US-India ties closer, and to relax […]

North Korea again threatens to go nuclear

The North Koreans must be the one set of negotiators who have caused the Bush Administration the maximum problems. When the Bush Administration came to power 8 long years ago, they heavily criticized the deal that the Clinton administration made with the North Koreans where the North Koreans agreed to cap their nuclear activities in […]

Pakistani nuclear weapons and the US

Seems like a strange topic, given that Pakistan is an independent country, and well within its rights to have a transition in whatever way in the wake of President Musharraf departing his presidency in any manner, coup, assassination, or any other way. However, in the wake of the campaign to make the army more Islamic, […]