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Libya pays final compensation for terror

For a long time, Libya has remained on the edge of the global community because of its open support for terrorism. Libya was an open and acknowledged supporter of international terrorist groups (and earned a direct attack from the United States way back in 1986 for a bombing carried out by Libyan supported groups in […]

Russia signs cease-fire accord in Georgia

The fight over Georgia has been seen as having 2 bigger objectives; 1. Russia wants to ensure that it is seen as the Big Brother of the neighborhood, and is willing to put force to ensure that this happens 2. Georgia has been seen as a region that was being projected as an alternative route […]

Russia and Georgia – the conflict

The Soviet Union was once a mighty empire, controlling large chunks of land in Europe and Asia, and giving the West a might enemy. And then it all fell apart; the individual states (many of them incorporated by force) wanted their freedom, and Boris Yeltsin wanted his own Russia to rule, and so the Soviet […]

Clinton proposes oil tax waiver, Obama does not

For 2 candidates who represent almost the same wing of the Democratic Party, 2 candidates who have almost always voted for the same bills in the Senate, one can expect that the positions of the 2 candidates on almost all matters would be the same (and it has almost been the same – the difference […]