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Congo – a failure of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force

The United Nations Peace Keeping force is an international force comprising of contributory soldiers from many countries, who are deputed for deployment in countries where there is a need for some security forces to maintain law and order. These could be situations where there is a huge amount of internal strife, or the governing party […]

US troops withdraw from key Iraqi cities

Most people now recognize the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 to be a mistake, given that it had negative consequences in a variety of different areas (we’ll talk about that later). The invasion led to Iraq becoming a magnet for Islamic fighters from all over, unleashed the sectarian divisions that had been brutally suppressed […]

NATO struggling against resurgent Taliban

In October 2001, when the US, a potent military force routed the Taleban in a straight military battle along with the Northern Alliance, and the heat was turned on Pakistan to withdraw support to the Taliban, the whole world could not have been wrong in predicting the end of the Taliban and maybe some peace […]

Sending forces to Darfur, too little too later

For years now, the world has sat by and watched while the Sudanese Government sponsored militia, the Janjaweed raped, killed and butchered adult men, and equally despicably, did the same to women and children. There has been a lot of talk, a lot of discussion and some pressure on Sudan, but not any action. China […]