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What treatment will Nawaz Sharif now get in Saudi Arabia ?

You got to say this for General Musharraf; sometimes he actually does carry out the steps that he says that he will take. A perfect example is the treatment meted out to Nawaz Sharif when he reached Pakistan. Musharraf and the regime threatened that he will be arrested and deported, and that is exactly what […]

Australian Minister tries to explain reasons behind holding of doctor

For the past several days, the Australian Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews has been facing a torrid time in relation to the holding of Indian-born doctor Dr. Mohamed Haneef for investigation related to the attempted terrorist attacks in Britain. He has been accused of stubbornness, unwillingness to admit a mistake, and willfully holding a person on […]

Lal Masjid suicide attack kills 13 people

Musharraf’s troubles just do not seem like ending. After the whole action over the Lal Masjid build-up and subsequent police action, Pakistan has witnessed a flurry of action over by extremists and hardliners. There was an immediate reaction where the terrorists attacked Pakistani police and army causing severe casualties. The terrorists also tore up the […]

Australian Government ends up with egg on its face

The fight over who is a terrorist or not is a serious issue. In the current situation, if you catch suspects, and if they are Muslims involved in suspicious activities, thoughts will always move to whether the person is guilty or not. And that is the crux of the matter. Either people are caught in […]