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Is Mosque a Symbol of Jihad – the problem in New York ..

The United States has never been more divided on any issue in recent past that this issue. The issue that has brought up this situation is the building of a Mosque near the September 11 site. It is not exactly a mosque but a community building which will include a mosque, sports facilities, theater, restaurant […]

Thais protests ongoing

For some time now, Thailand has been seeing a division of the country along political lines. The rich and the entitled feel that the poor are voting adversely, supporting a populist former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. They detest his policies, and were sore that he was voted in as the leading vote-getter, and his party […]

Thailand’s continuing problems over Premier Samak Sundaravej

Thailand has been going through some severe problems till now, a classic case of democracy under test. It has been argued by many people at different periods of time that democracy should not be fully open, that a rule of the people is colored by the problem that the mass is swayed by emotions or […]

Hu affirms that Tibet will continue to be suppressed

Seems like a very obvious statement to make, given how China has reacted in the past. Ever since China took over Tibet in 1951, it has been extremely touchy about any external reaction on Tibet, dismissing all reaction as being an interference with its internal affairs. A lot of it is due to how China’s […]