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China up to its regular repression – this time in Tibet

It is being reported that China is currently upto its usual practice of repression. Nobody can really forget the Tienanmen Square massacre of 1989 where China employed its soldiers and military machine to murder thousands of its own young citizens in cold blood. After that, China employed the same tactics against the practitioners of the […]

Israel’s problem soldiers

Israel has one of the best armies in the Middle East, one of the best trained, and superbly successful. This is an army that has won all the wars that they have had with a number of their neighbours attacking together, starting from the war in 1948 to 1967 and then 1973. In most cases, […]

Fatah drops policy of ‘armed resistance’ to Israel

Another outcome of the infighting between Hamas and Fatah whereby the Fatah movement was kicked out of Gaza due to a combination of superior fighting power of the Hamas armed groups and the weakness of Fatah. In order to make the Fatah based Palestinian Government now controlling only the West Bank as more palatable to […]

Pakistani Supreme Court rebuffs Musharraf

Dictators are not used to being told ‘no, especially not dictators who control all the levers of power. So it was not too surprising that one fine day a few months back, President and General Musharraf called the Chief Justice of the Pakistani Supreme Court and told him to resign. He has some procedural issues […]