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Iran nuclear issue: Inspection by the UN of the new complex

The most complex problem in international politics today is with respect to Iran. And in this, the situation is not even about the recent elections, or the divided political powers in Iran; it is about the Iranian nuclear program. Iran has consistently maintained that it has a peaceful nuclear program, and this is allowed by […]

US Congress passed foreign surveillance bill

Finally President Bush got the measure that he wanted, inspite of having a Democrat dominated House and Senate. And this was not a wafer-thin majority, but a decent margin showing cross party support for a measure that would male it easier for the spy agencies to do surveillance of overseas communications. This was a slightly […]

Senate approves what Bush wanted on telephone spying

For some time now, the Bush administration has wanted to get clear approval to tap phone conversation of people living abroad, but whose phone conversations pass through US based switching points, so that conversations of terrorists based outside the US can also be intercepted. The current act, the 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA, […]

US Attorney-General Gonzales in serious trouble over perjury

If you are not related to the media or in politics, the troubles currently visiting Attorney-General may seem a bit incomprehensible. So what are the troubles facing the attorney-general ? He is facing questioning over the firing of some US attorneys. These are political appointments and they serve at the President’s discretion, so firing them […]