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The timetable for US withdrawal from Afghanisation going beyond the declared 2011 timeline

Barrack Obama inherited a huge can of worms from his predecessor, George Bush, in terms of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. And his political base, the Democrats, consists of a large number of more liberal supporters who abhor the US military presence in these countries and want the military to get back. Obama has […]

Having to defend the decision of announcing the withdrawal from Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a country which has a long history of not giving an easy time to foreign armies. From the time of the British who spent many battles in there, but could never claim that they had an easy control, to the Soviets who spent a huge military effort over there but finally had to […]

More troops died in Afghanistan than Iraq last month

Before the Iraq War, there was the war in Afghanistan. In 2001, after the WTC attacks, the US along with the Northern Alliance battled the Taleban in Afghanistan and overthrew its rule. However, they could not capture the leader of the Taleban, Mullah Omar, nor could they capture the leader of Al-Qaeda, Bin Laden. And […]

Hillary Clinton announces support for Obama

The saga of the Democratic primary contest for the Presidential election of 2008 now passes into history, but it will be something that will be remembered for a long time. People still remember the 1968 Democratic convention, and it even finds a mention in novels and books on varying topics. Similarly, this contest will be […]