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Zimbabwe’s oppostion leader returns home

Zimbabwe was probably one of the last countries in Africa to become independent, the event happening as late as in 1980. The leader who was the best symbol of its fight for independence, Robert Mugabe stood tall and became its President. There was a lot of hope for the leader to lead his country to […]

Iran / Syria backed groups stoke conflict in Lebanon

For a number of years now, Lebanon has been suffering the impact of civil war. In the 80’s, there was a wide-spread war that had turned Beirut into a shell town, although the current war is a different war. This is a fight for power between the various neighboring powers seeking to get their influence […]

Iraqi football team wins the Asian football Cup

Imagine a team in Iraq comprising of members from all 3 main sections, Shia, Sunni and the Kurds. Sounds difficult to achieve in the kind of sectarian conflicts ongoing in Iraq today, with death squads, bombings, and so on; but was possible. An Iraqi football team, in a keenly contested final in Indonesia won the […]